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FlareDetect Plugin for FireCapture

The FireCapture plugin FlareDetect provides the possibility of automated image recording sessions based on the current X-ray flux. This plugin uses flux data of the GOES satellite provided by the Space Weather Prediction Center.

The plugin checks the Space Weather Prediction Center website each 30s for the current 1 minute average flux data of the 0.1-0.8 nm passband.

Note: You need a permanent internet connection for execution of this plugin!

The plugin provides the following functionality inside FireCapture:
  • Recording is started if flux reaches configured minimum threshold
  • Recording is stopped after configured time
  • After recording is stopped and after a configured pause time, a new recording run can be started automatically
  • The maximum number of recording runs is configurable

The FireCapture Plugin requires FC version 2.5 beta (2.5.08) or above.

Feel free to download the software and report your comments.